(APB) Acts 16 : 1 And he arrived at the city Derby and at Lystra, but a disciple was there whose name was Timotheus, son of a certain Jewess believer, and his father was an Aramaean. -
(APB) Acts 16 : 2 And all the disciples who were from Lystra and from Iqonion were testifying about him.
(APB) Acts 16 : 3 Paul wanted to take this man with him and he took and circumcised him, because all the Jews in that place knew that his father was an Aramaean.
(APB) Acts 16 : 4 As they were going among the cities preaching, they were also teaching them to keep those commandments that the Apostles and Elders who were in Jerusalem had written;
(APB) Acts 16 : 5 Yet the churches were established in the faith and growing in numbers everyday.
(APB) Acts 16 : 6 But they walked in the regions among Phrygia and Galatia, and The Spirit of Holiness forbade them to speak the word of God in Asia.
(APB) Acts 16 : 7 When they came to the region Musia, they desired to go from there to Bithunia and The Spirit of Yeshua did not permit them.
(APB) Acts 16 : 8 And when they went forth from Musia, they went down to the region Troas.
(APB) Acts 16 : 9 And in a vision of the night, a man appeared to Paulus from Macedonia who stood and begged of him as he said, "Come to Macedonia and help me.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 10 But when Paulus saw this vision, we desired at once to proceed to Macedonia, because we understood that our Lord was calling us to evangelize them.
(APB) Acts 16 : 11 And we traveled from Troas and went straight to Samothracia, and from there, the day after, we came to the city Neapolis,
(APB) Acts 16 : 12 And from there to Philippus, which is the capital of Macedonia, and it is a colony, but we were in this city for notable days.
(APB) Acts 16 : 13 And we departed on the Sabbath day outside the gate of the city on the riverside, because there was seen there a house of prayer, and when we sat, we were speaking with the women who had gathered there.
(APB) Acts 16 : 14 And one woman, a merchant of purple who was a worshiper of God, whose name was Lydia, from the city Thayatira, whose heart our Lord had opened, was listening to what Paulus said.
(APB) Acts 16 : 15 And she was immersed and the children of her house and she was begging of us and saying: "If you are truly confident that I have believed in Our Lord, come lodge yourselves at my house”, and she urged us much.
(APB) Acts 16 : 16 And it was that as we were going to the house of prayer, there met with us one girl who had a spirit of divination upon her and she was making a great business for her masters in the divination that she had been practicing.
(APB) Acts 16 : 17 She was coming after Paulus and after us, crying and saying, "These men are Servants of the highest God, and they are evangelizing to you the way of life.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 18 And thus she was doing for many days, and Paulus was angered and he said to that spirit, "I command you in the name of Yeshua The Messiah to come out of her”, and at that moment, it came out.
(APB) Acts 16 : 19 When her masters saw that the hope of their business had departed from her, they seized Paulus and Shila, and they dragged and brought them to the marketplace.
(APB) Acts 16 : 20 And they presented them to the Magistrate and to the Leaders of the city and they were saying, "These men are troubling our city because they are Jews.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 21 "And they are preaching to us customs which are not allowable for us to receive and do, because we are Romans.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 22 And great crowds were gathered against them and then the Magistrates tore their garments and commanded to scourge them.
(APB) Acts 16 : 23 And when they had scourged them much, they cast them into the prison and commanded the Keeper of the prison to keep them securely.
(APB) Acts 16 : 24 But when he had received this order, he brought them and shut them up in the inner room of the prison and bound their feet in the stocks.
(APB) Acts 16 : 25 In the middle of the night, Paulus and Shila were praying and singing to God and the prisoners were listening to them.
(APB) Acts 16 : 26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake and the foundation of the prison was shaken, and immediately all the doors were opened and their chains were all released.
(APB) Acts 16 : 27 And when the Keeper of the prison was awakened and he saw that the doors of the prison were open, he took a sword and sought to kill himself because he thought that the prisoners had escaped.
(APB) Acts 16 : 28 And Paulus called him in a loud voice and he said to him, "Do no harm to yourself, because we are all here.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 29 And he lit a lamp and he leaped and entered, trembling, and he fell before the feet of Paulus and of Shila,
(APB) Acts 16 : 30 And he brought them outside and he said to them, "Sirs, what must I do so that I may live?”
(APB) Acts 16 : 31 And they said to him, "Trust in our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, and you shall live, you and your household.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 32 And they spoke with him the word of THE LORD JEHOVAH, and with all the people of his household.
(APB) Acts 16 : 33 And at that hour of the night, he took and washed them of their wounds and immediately he was immersed and all the people of his household.
(APB) Acts 16 : 34 And he led and brought them to his house and he set a table for them, and he rejoiced and the people of his house in the faith of God.
(APB) Acts 16 : 35 And when it was dawn, the Magistrates sent the Rod Bearers to say to The Warden of the prison, "Release these men.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 36 And when The Warden of the prison heard, he entered and he spoke this message to Paulus: "The Magistrates have sent so that you should be released, and now depart; go in peace.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 37 Paulus said to him, "They scourged us without an offense, publicly before the world, all of us being Roman men, and they cast us into prison, and now they are releasing us secretly? No, but those men should come and release us.”
(APB) Acts 16 : 38 And the Rod Bearers went and they told the Magistrates these words that were spoken to them, and when they heard that they were Romans, they were afraid.
(APB) Acts 16 : 39 And they came to them and they begged them to go out and depart from the city.
(APB) Acts 16 : 40 And when they went out from the prison they returned to Lydia, and there they saw the brethren and comforted them, and they left.