(APB) Galatians 6 : 1 My brethren, if any of you should be overtaken by a fault, you who are in The Spirit should restore him in the spirit of humility, and be cautious lest you also be tempted.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 2 And bear the burdens of one another, for in this way you fulfill the law of The Messiah.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 3 For if a man thinks he is something when he is not, he deceives himself.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 4 But a man should prove his work and then he will have pride in himself and not in others.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 5 For every person will carry his own luggage.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 6 And let him who hears the word share in all good things with him who preaches to him.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 7 Do not err; God is not put to shame, for anything that a man sows he reaps.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 8 Whoever sows to the flesh reaps destruction from the flesh, and whoever sows to The Spirit shall reap eternal life from The Spirit.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 9 And when we do what is good, let it not be tedious to us, for there shall be a time when we reap, and that will not be tedious to us.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 10 Now therefore, while we have time, let us do good to every person, especially to the members of the household of faith.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 11 Behold, I have written these writings to you with my hand.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 12 Those who wish to boast in the flesh urge you to be circumcised only so that they would not be persecuted for the crucifixion of The Messiah.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 13 Not even those who are circumcised keep The Written Law, but they want you to be circumcised so that they may take pride in your flesh.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 14 But let it not be for me to take pride except in the crucifixion of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, in whom the universe has been crucified to me, and I have been crucified to the universe.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 15 For the circumcision is not anything, neither is uncircumcision; only the new creation.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 16 And those who agree to this path shall have peace and affection upon them and upon the Israel of God.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 17 A person therefore shall not put trouble upon me, for I have received the scars of our Lord Yeshua in my body.
(APB) Galatians 6 : 18 The grace of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah is with your spirit, my brethren. Amen.