(APB) Philippians 1 : 1 Paulus and Timotheus, Servants of Yeshua The Messiah, to all Holy Ones who are in Yeshua The Messiah, who are in Philippus with the Elders and the Ministers.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 2 Grace be with you and peace from God our Father and from our Lord Yeshua The Messiah.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 3 I thank my God for the constant memory of you.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 4 For in all my prayers for your sakes, as I rejoice, I make petitions
(APB) Philippians 1 : 5 For your partnership in The Gospel from the first day, and until now,
(APB) Philippians 1 : 6 Because I trust concerning this, that he who has begun good work in you will accomplish that until the day of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 7 For it is right for me to think in this way about all of you, because you have been placed in my heart while I have been in my chains and in my defense for the truth of The Gospel, because you are my partners in grace.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 8 For God is my witness, how much I love you with the affection of Yeshua The Messiah.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 9 And I pray this, that your love may again increase and abound in knowledge and in all spiritual understanding,
(APB) Philippians 1 : 10 That you would distinguish those things that are suitable, and that you may be pure, without an offense in the day of The Messiah,
(APB) Philippians 1 : 11 And filled with the fruit of righteousness which is in Yeshua The Messiah, for the glory and honor of God.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 12 I wish you to know my brethren, that my condition has come all the more to anticipate The Gospel;
(APB) Philippians 1 : 13 So also my chains were revealed by The Messiah to the whole Praetorium and to everyone else.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 14 A multitude of the brethren who are in our Lord have been confident because of my chains and have been all the more defiant without fear to speak the word of God;
(APB) Philippians 1 : 15 And some men are preaching The Messiah out of envy and contention, and some in good will and in love,
(APB) Philippians 1 : 16 Because they know that I am appointed to defend The Gospel.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 17 But those who preach The Messiah by contention, insincerely, only hope to add suffering to my imprisonment.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 18 And in this I have rejoiced and do rejoice, that in every way, if in pretense or in the truth, The Messiah will be preached.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 19 For I know that these things are found by me for life, by your prayers, and by the gift of The Spirit of Yeshua The Messiah,
(APB) Philippians 1 : 20 Just as I hope and expect that I shall not be ashamed in anything, but openly as always, even now, The Messiah will be magnified in my body, whether in life or in death.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 21 For my life is The Messiah, and if I shall die, it is gain for me.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 22 But if also in this life of the flesh I have fruit in my work, I do not know what I shall choose for myself.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 23 For two things are pressing upon me: I desire to depart that I might be with The Messiah, and this would be much better for me,
(APB) Philippians 1 : 24 But also to remain in my body is pressing business for me because of you.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 25 And this I know confidently, that I remain and continue for your joy and for the growth of your faith.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 26 And when I come again to you, your boasting which is in Yeshua The Messiah alone will abound by me.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 27 Be guided just as it is suitable to The Gospel of The Messiah, that whether I come to see you or whether I am absent, I may hear about you, that you stand in one spirit and one soul and that you are celebrated as one in the faith of The Gospel.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 28 And do not be shaken in anything by those who oppose us, as a demonstration of their destruction and of your life.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 29 And this is given to you from God, that not only should you believe in The Messiah, but that you also will suffer for his sake.
(APB) Philippians 1 : 30 And you will endure struggles, like those which you have seen in me and now hear about me.