(APB) Philemon 1 : 1 Paul a prisoner of Yeshua The Messiah, and brother Timotheus, to beloved Philemon and our companion laborer,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 2 And to Aphia our beloved and to Arkippus our fellow laborer and to the church that is in your house.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 3 Grace be with you and peace from God Our Father and from our Lord Yeshua The Messiah.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 4 I thank my God always, and I remember you in my prayers,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 5 Behold, from the time that I heard of your faith and love which you have toward our Lord Yeshua and toward all The Holy Ones,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 6 That the sharing of your faith would produce fruit in works and in the knowledge of every good thing which you have in Yeshua The Messiah.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 7 For we have great joy and comfort, for by your love the affections of the Saints have been refreshed.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 8 Because of this, I have great freedom in The Messiah to command you those things that are right.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 9 But for love's sake, I beg of you, I Paul, who am The Elder, as you know, and also a prisoner of Yeshua The Messiah,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 10 I beg of you concerning my son Onesimus, whom I begot in my bondage,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 11 He who was not useful to you at times, but now also is very useful to you and to me,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 12 And I sent him to you, so receive him as my son.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 13 For I was willing to keep him with me to minister to me on your behalf in the bondage of The Gospel.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 14 But I did not want to do anything without your counsel, so that your benefit would not be by necessity, but by your will.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 15 But perhaps also for this cause he departed for a time, so that you may have him for eternity,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 16 Not as a Servant from now on, but more than a Servant; as my particularly beloved brother, how much more so yours, both in the flesh and in Our Lord?
(APB) Philemon 1 : 17 If, therefore, you are my partner, receive him as mine.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 18 And if you lack anything or he owes you a debt, put it to my account.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 19 I, Paul, have written with my hand; I myself will pay, without saying to you also that you owe me your soul.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 20 Yes, my brother, I am refreshed by you in Our Lord. Satisfy my love in The Messiah.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 21 Because I trust that you will listen to me, I have written to you and I know that you will do more than what I have said.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 22 But prepare for me at once a dwelling place, for I hope soon to be given to you by your prayers.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 23 Epaphra, a fellow captive in Yeshua The Messiah, invokes your peace,
(APB) Philemon 1 : 24 And Marcus, Aristarchus, Dema and Luqa, my helpers.
(APB) Philemon 1 : 25 The grace of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah be with your spirit. Amen.